Equipment Weber Genesis II E-310 Review

Weber Genesis II E-310 Review

When we can find the time to relax, we often use that time to socialize with our friends and family. We might go out to eat, head to a game… or, we might instead choose to bring together the best of both worlds by having a nice, home-style barbecue in the comfort of our own home.

The first step to getting a good barbecue for these gatherings is, of course, investing in the right kind of grill. Finding a grill that is able to handle enough food for a medium-sized group without taking up too much space or being too much of a hassle for cleanup can be a challenge. Nonetheless, it is possible.

For a mid-sized but high-quality grill, one recently redesigned option is the Weber Genesis II E-310. This grill is sleek, with the capacity to cook for groups of five to seven. With a straightforward design and compatibility with a wide range of accessories, this durable grill can certainly make for a nice addition to your backyard entertainment setup.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 comes in both liquid propane and natural gas models.

Key Features of the Weber Genesis II E-310

GS4 High Performance Grilling System: The most important update in the Genesis series of grills comes from the new-and-improved heating system. This system has four components that work together to make the grill simple-to-use and efficient.

The first aspect of this heating system is the Infinity Ignition, which allows you to light the burners and control the intensity of their heat with only the turn of the knob.

The second aspect of this heating system is the burners. Each knob controls a line of burners that goes from the front of the grill to the back, thereby ensuring that there are no cold spots in the grill. They are protected by the third aspect of the heating system: flavorizer bars, which are angled to catch grease as it falls. This grease is then heated to its smoke point, offering a consistent smoke to the interior of the grill.

Finally, the grease is funneled to a drip pan on the exterior of the grill so as to help prevent grease flare-ups within the body of the grill and to help make cleanup as hassle-free as possible.

Compatible with iGrill3 Bluetooth Monitoring and other Accessories: While the E-310 model stands well on its own, it is compatible with many accessories.

The most appealing of which for the modern barbecuer is its compatibility with the iGrill3 Bluetooth monitoring system. This system allows you to monitor the temperature and fuel levels of your grill while still enjoying time with your friends and family while watching the game.

Fold-Down Left Side Table and Other Storage Features: At their full size, grills can take up a large amount of space in your backyard. However, by using fold-down table options, just as the E-310 grill does, you’ll be able to save some of this space when your grill is not in use.

In addition, this grill features six storage hooks for tools as well as a large amount of space under the drip pan of the grill. All of these sleek features give you a grill that is not just visually appealing, but also functional.

Check out’s review of the Weber Genesis II E-310 below:


  • Features the GS4 High Performance Grilling System and Infinity Ignition
  • Built in storage space and fold-down table
  • Compatible with iGrill Bluetooth monitoring system


  • Assembly will likely be complicated for most
  • Can be difficult to heat the grill to more than 400°F
  • Must purchase certain accessories (such as an iGrill thermometer) to have full access to all the grill has to offer

Weber Genesis II E-310 Detailed Review

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Black LP...

Design and Build Quality

The Weber Genesis II E-310 grill is sleek with an open-cart design that gives you the freedom to dress it up as you wish. It is, nonetheless, durable, with a body that is made from stainless steel and grates that are made from cast iron.

Additionally, both the body and the grates are covered with porcelain to insulate heat and provide for a smooth, easily-cleaned surface.

Despite its sleek design, the E-310 weighs in at 150 pounds. This translates to a unit that is very well-adapted to storing heat. It also translates to a grill that is better-kept in your backyard rather than traveling with you on camping trips or to tailgates.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 comes in both propane and natural gas versions.

Ease of Assembly

Unfortunately, for all its other positive qualities, the Weber Genesis II E-310 grill is not an easy model to assemble.

Without the help of a professional, assembly can take up to three hours to finish. What’s more, the size of the grill requires that you have the help of at least one other person.

Ease of Use

Above all, this grill is easy to use. Igniting and maintaining the internal temperature is managed with the simple turn of three knobs on the front of the body. Additionally, managing the grease that comes from the grill is simplified, as it collects in the drip pan below the grill’s body.

Swapping out the propane tank is relatively straight-forward and the porcelain on the grates and flavorizer bars make them easy to clean.

Quality of the Cook

As you’d expect for a high-end grill, the quality of the cook is good. Because the heat of the grill is evenly dispersed and because of the flavorizer bar system provides for a robust smoke source, the E-310 model is equipped to handle indirect cooking for both meat and vegetables.

However, one of the major problems with this grill is not able to reach extremely high temperatures. This affects the direct cooking capability, making it difficult to sear meat or char vegetables with this model.

Ease of Cleanup

The Weber Genesis II series of grills are made to be extremely easy to clean.

With porcelain-coated grates, wiping down the interior of the grill should not pose much of a hassle.

Furthermore, the drip pan on the exterior of the E-310 allows you to quickly remove the grease leftover from the cook (although it should be noted that this grease pan can pose a risk for children and pets).


As with other Weber grills, the Genesis II E-310 is well-built and durable with enough space to cook for up to seven people.

Additionally, as we’ve seen in this Weber Genesis II E-310 review, the built-in storage, fold-away racks, and high-quality porcelain coating, make this an incredibly sleek but functional model.

The only major drawback of this grill is that it might not be able to maintain very high temperatures that are necessary to sear meat.

Nevertheless, with quality in every other aspect, the Weber Genesis II E-310 seems to be the perfect option for an experienced barbecuer who is looking to upgrade their barbecue for the next decade.

How Does it Compare?

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