Equipment Weber Genesis II E-210 Review

Weber Genesis II E-210 Review

From summer gatherings and holidays to weekend afternoons watching the game, many of our fondest of memories come from home-cooked family barbecues.

With these memories of hot dogs and hamburgers or grilled corn on the cob, you might also have in mind the image of the grill?

For a lot of people, a grill is an enormous piece of equipment that takes up a lot of space on the patio in the backyard.

For smaller families or for people who live in areas with small outdoor spaces, a large grill that can cook for huge parties is impractical.

Luckily, smaller but high-quality models are still an option. The Weber Genesis II E-210 is one such high-end gas-powered grill with enough room to cook for three to four people.

This compact grill will take up less space on your patio while still being practical with plenty of storage space. Better yet, for tech lovers, this grill can be upgraded with several add-ons, including the iGrill Bluetooth system.

Weber Genesis II E-210 Key Features

Weber Genesis II E-210 Grill, Black, Liquid...

GS4 High Performance Grilling System with Infinity Ignition: The most unique aspect of the Weber Genesis II E-210 grill is its updated heating system made of three major components.

The first is the Infinity Ignitor, which is built so that you can easily start your grill with the turn of a knob even while using propane or natural gas.

The second aspect of the heating system is the placement of the burners. They are lined in rows from front to back from the entry point of the gas to ensure that all areas of the grill body receive equal heat from the flames.

These burners are protected by the final heating component, the so-called “flavorizer bars.” These bars are angled to catch drippings and convert them to smoke. The result is that your barbecue will be infused with a complex smokey flavor.

Tuck-Away Warming Rack: In addition to the large heating space for your meat and veggies, this grill also comes with a warming rack just above the grilling surface.

This can be used to toast buns or keep food warm without getting in the way of the rest of your cook.

Grease-Catching System: As grease collects inside the body of a grill, the risk of a fire increases. This is why the Weber Genesis series of grills feature a grease-catching system that is on the exterior of the grill body.

As you cook, the grease will make its way down to an easy-to-reach drip pan, keeping the interior of your grill as clean as possible. The only caveat is that the central, exterior location of this drip pan can mean easy access for not just you, but also for pets and children.

Built-in Storage: You’ll have the option to store your tools on the side of your grill with six built-in hooks on the side of the grill body.

Better yet, the open design of the cart gives you extra storage space below the grease pan for all your barbecue accessories, from cleaning tools to thermometers to serving plates.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a fold down side table on the left-hand side of the grill, which can give you extra space for food prep or to transfer your barbecue from the grill to a plate.

iGrill3 Bluetooth System Compatibility: With the addition of an iGrill3 thermometer (sold separately), you’ll be able to use the Weber iGrill app in order to monitor the temperature of your grill as well as the fuel tank level from a distance.

This can be great for when you want to enjoy the party (or the game) while still cooking a delicious meal.


  • Grease management system keeps grease from building up inside the body of the grill
  • Features the GS4 High Performance Grilling System and Infinity Ignition
  • Compatible with many “high tech” features, including iGrill3 Bluetooth connection
  • Plenty of built-in storage


  • Some difficulty in reaching temperatures higher than 400°F
  • Not an easy DIY assembly
  • Grease pan is exposed, which can be a problem when cooking with pets or small children

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Weber Genesis II E-210 Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

The major appeal of a buying a Weber grill is that it comes with the tradition of quality craftsmanship that is associated with the Weber name. The Weber Genesis II E-210 is no exception.

With a stainless steel body weighing around 140 pounds, this grill is durable enough to be a main feature on your patio for years to come.

With porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, you should have no problem keeping your grill’s interior clean.

Not only that, Weber grills tend to have many smaller details that make them versatile and functional. The open cart design, storage space, and fold down table are all designed to make this grill as easy to use as possible.

Beyond that, the Genesis II series pushes the envelope with its new and improved heating system as well as its high-tech bonuses like the iGrill3 compatibility.

The Weber Genesis II E-210 comes in both propane and natural gas versions.

Ease of Assembly

Unfortunately, this grill is not easy to assemble, and it does not come assembled.

Because there are certain aspects of this grill that can be dangerous to assemble yourself, including installing the gas line, it is recommended to plan for professional assembly.

Ease of Use

Cooking with this grill is made to be as easy as possible, even if you are a beginner.

Lighting the grill is made to be easy, as all you’ll need to do is turn the knobs to let the Infinity Ignition do its job.

From there, the design of the grill is uncomplicated, giving you a large work space to cook meat and veggies.

Additionally, with the grease management system that forces the grease outside the body of the grill into the central drip pan, your risk of grease fires is low.

Quality of the Cook

In general, this grill cooks excellently because of its overall distinguished construction.

Moreover, the flavorizer bar system translates to a well-designed indirect heating system. This gives your barbecue a complex smokey flavor that you can’t get from most general grills.

However, this grill does have one major problem, and it is that it is difficult to reach temperatures higher than 400°F, even with pre-heating.

Without this very high temperature range, it will be difficult for you to get a nice sear from direct cooking alone.

Ease of Cleanup

This grill is easy to clean.

The porcelain-coated grates do not tend to accumulate grease, and they can be easily wiped down after you are finished cooking.

In addition, the centralized drip pan is not only easy to access, it will also minimize the amount of grease you need to clean on the interior of your grill.


The Weber Genesis II E-210 is a suitable option for people who already grill a lot and want to update their current model to something with newer features. It is durable with an overall good cooking capacity, and it is versatile enough for just about any kind of food.

The only major problem that could be found in this Weber Genesis II E-210 review is that you might run into difficulties getting this grill to reach temperatures much higher than 400°F.

Nevertheless, while it is slightly more expensive than average, this grill comes backed with the Weber tradition of quality and many practical details that will be satisfying for beginners and experts alike.

How Does it Compare?

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