Equipment Weber Genesis II E-410 Review

Weber Genesis II E-410 Review

Good barbecues are the basis of many fond memories. From celebrating holidays, to enjoying warm summer nights, to having a good meal during the game, barbecues are an important staple for many of us.

Of course, to make these barbecues a reality, it is important to first have the right tools… and the most important of these tools is the grill. A good grill will be well-built with durable materials like stainless steel, and it will be heavy so as to be able to insulate and maintain high temperatures.

Weber grills are well-known for their quality, and the Genesis II line of grills are no exception. The Weber Genesis II E-410 model is one of these high-end Genesis II models with four separate burners. Heavy, large enough to feed groups of up to 10 people, and compatible with plenty of add-on accessories this grill is easy to use and a good option for beginners and experts alike.

Key Features of the Weber Genesis II E-410

Weber 62010001 Genesis II E-410 LP Gas Grill,...

GS4 High Performance Grilling System with Infinity Ignition: The Weber Genesis II E-410 is built with a four-component heating system.

The first part of this system is the Infinity Ignition, which makes lighting and adjusting the temperature of the grill hassle-free.

The second aspect of this heating system involved the burners, which are in four rows beneath the grill’s grates. These burners are designed to heat every inch of the grill evenly.

Next, to protect the burners from the dripping grease, this grill system uses “flavorizer bars” which allow the grease to heat up to a smoking point. The resulting smoke can then circulate through the grill to give your meat and veggies an additional smokey flavor.

Finally, the GS4 grill system features a grease management system that forces the grease to leave the body of the grill into an easy-to-reach drip pan on the exterior. Not only does this make cleanup easy for you, it also helps to protect the interior of the body from corrosion.

Huge Cooking Area, Two Stainless Steel Prep Areas, and Storage Space: For barbecuers who intend to cook for relatively large groups of people, the Genesis II E-410 has a large 646 square inch cooking space.

To complement this large space, the grill also features two stainless steel preparation areas on either side of the body.

Better yet, below the body of the grill and the drip pan, there is also the space to store tools or serving platters.

Compatible with the iGrill3 Bluetooth Monitoring System: With the addition of an iGrill3 thermometor, it is possible to keep an eye on your grill while you enjoy watching the game or spending time with your family and friends.

The system works via a Bluetooth application to keep you up to date on the current internal temperature of your grill as well as the fuel levels.


  • New GS4 High Performance Grilling System with Infinity Ignition
  • Huge cooking area and storage space
  • Centrally-located drip pan for easy clean-up
  • Can be connected with high-tech features, including a bluetooth thermometer


  • Reported problems with heating the grill to temperatures above 400°F due to regulator issues with some models
  • Not easy to assemble on your own
  • Most high-tech features do not come directly with the grill and must be purchased separately

Check out’s review of the Weber Genesis II E-410 below:

Weber Genesis II E-410 Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

Weber grills are often associated with quality and longevity. This comes from the fact that Weber grills are often made with high quality materials, and the Genesis II E-410 is no exception.

Weighing in at 189 pounds, the body of this grill is made from stainless steel, and the interior of the grill features cast-iron grates. To protect these metals from rusting, the exterior of the grill and the grates are coated with porcelain.

On top of that, this grill features a larger-than-average cooking surface of 626 square inches, making it a viable option for cooking up to ten people. Its large size and dependence on propane or natural gas make it a poor option for camping or tailgating, but it does make for a nice addition to a patio.

The key novelty of the Genesis II E-410 grill is its updated GS4 heating system and its compatibility with high-tech accessories. These features convert this otherwise no-fuss, traditional patio grill into a modern piece of equipment that can be enjoyed at least a decade.

The Weber Genesis II E-410 comes in both propane and natural gas versions.

Ease of Assembly

The assembly of the Genesis II E-410 grill is not simple, although instructions for assembly are included.

Most users opt for professional assembly, especially when using natural gas as the heating source, so as to avoid making any mistakes during the assembly process.

Ease of Use

Using this grill is extremely easy.

The Infinity Ignition system involves simply turning a knob to light and adjust the temperature. Because this grill is well-insulated, you shouldn’t have any difficulties maintaining your desired temperature.

On top of that, cleanup is as simple as possible with its centralized grease management system.

Quality of the Cook

In general, this grill offers a delicious cook.

The row of burners mean that your barbecue will be cooked evenly as there are no cold spots, and the flavorizer bars will offer an additional layer of smokey flavor. You’ll be able to cook both meat and veggies with this grill, and by using the warming rack, you’ll also be able to toast the buns simultaneously.

There is one major problem with the Genesis II E-410 grill, however, and this is that the upper temperature range (near 400°F) is nearly impossible to maintain.

While indirect heating can offer you enough possibilities for a delicious barbecue, direct heating at very high temperatures to sear your steak is a bit underwhelming.

Ease of Cleanup

Cleanup is often the dreaded part of barbecuing, but this grill has two features to make this easy.

The first is the porcelain-coating of the grates which allow you to effortlessly wipe down the grill after each use.

In addition, the centrally-located grease pan allows you to dispose of the grease directly without needing to reopen the body itself.


For beginners and experts alike, the Weber Genesis II E-410 grill is a quality, high-end option that is, above all, well-made.

As described already in this Weber Genesis II E-410 review, its modernized GS4 heating system, functional design, and adaptability with interesting high-tech features like Bluetooth make it stand out among its competitors.

The only major drawback of this grill is that it may be difficult to sear meats and char vegetables at higher temperatures.

Nonetheless, if what you’re looking for is a reliable, durable grill that can be a mainstay in your backyard, this multi-functional grill is a great option.

How Does it Compare?

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Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Black LP...

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