Equipment The Best Wood Chip Smoker Boxes – For Smoking on Gas Grills

The Best Wood Chip Smoker Boxes – For Smoking on Gas Grills

If you wanted to try smoking food, but have held back because all you have is a gas grill, then you need one of the best smoker boxes for gas grills from this buying guide and roundup of reviews.

In this article, we’re going to reveal the best smoker boxes for gas grills and share how you can find the right one for you.

Smoking food is one of the most rewarding cooking techniques as you experience a whole new world of flavors.

Unfortunately, many home cooks refrain from smoking because they think it requires a special smoker.

We’re here to show you how untrue that is — in fact, you can turn your own gas grill into a smoker with the help of a smoker box.

These are easy to use, affordable and give you that amazing smoked flavor that’s usually hard to achieve with a gas grill.

If you’re ready, let’s get to smoking!

Bottom Line up Front: The Best Smoker Boxes for Gas Grills Reviewed in this Guide

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What Are These Boxes?

A wood chip smoker box is a specialized type of box that produces smoke from wood chips. They were designed to help turn a gas grill into a smoker, but they can definitely be used on a charcoal grill as well.

As you can read in our guide to the best propane gas grills, they are an out and out grill, and not designed to smoke food. But that doesn’t mean with a little ingenuity it’s not possible.

Smoker boxes are an effective way to turn your gas grill into a smoker, so you won’t have to buy another piece of equipment on the side. Gas grills by design are also not suited for smoking meat — because of the obvious danger of gas building up within the grill, gas grills are fitted with quite large vents in the hood, to allow it to escape.

These vents that prevent disaster from happening will also drive out the smoke before it gets a chance to infuse the meat you’re cooking.

Are They For Gas Grills Only?

No! Smoker boxes can be used on charcoal grills, and even some electric grills as well.

All they do is help you produce aromatic smoke to infuse your food — which is challenging to do by simply tossing wood chips on a grill.

What to Look for When Buying

A round wood chip smoker box being filled on a gas grill

Smoker boxes don’t differ a lot in design but there are still a few things to consider if you want to find the best for you.

We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you out:

Build Materials

Material and durability are two crucial factors in smoker boxes because they’re going to be exposed to extremely high temperatures frequently — depending on your usage.

A poorly built wood chip smoker box won’t be able to withstand the heat more than a few times, which means you’ll be back on the market looking for a replacement. Common issues include warping and even discoloring.

Most smoker boxes for gas grills are made from stainless steel, which is sometimes mixed with chromium, making it even tougher.

We have one box on this list that’s made of cast iron. Cast iron is durable and long-lasting, but it does take longer to heat. However, once it gets hot, it will retain the heat for longer and essentially smoke your food quicker.

Easy to Use and Keep Clean

Smoker boxes are usually placed directly under the food, which means a few drippings are sure to hit them. Keep cleanliness in mind when shopping, as you don’t want to have a build-up of grease and grime on your box.

Also, the lid of the box should fit tightly to prevent too much air from coming into the box, causing the wood chips to burn with a flame.  This will result in less smoke and disappearing chips as they burn away.

The lid should also be easy to open for when you need to refill it. It will be hot, so it should be easy to open using tools or while wearing heat-proof gloves.


The box should have ample room, enough to fit a reasonable amount of wood chips; otherwise, you won’t get much smoke out of it before it needs a refill.

Keep in mind, whenever you open the lid to refill the box, heat is escaping, which also means smoke is escaping. This will result in a slower and uneven cook.

Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills – Our Top 5 Recommendations

Here are some of the best smoker boxes available on the market today:

Char-Broil Smoker Box

Top Pick
  • MATERIAL: Cast Iron construction vented to direct smoke towards food.
  • SIZE: At 8 inches long, the Smoker box fits enough wood chips to give your meat real smoke flavor.
  • FEATURE: Cast iron retains heat well and can withstand hotter grill temperatures.
  • USE: Add wood chips and the lid automatically vents smoke the perfect addition to any gas grill
  • RECOMMENDED: Designed to be used with any Gas or Electric Grill

Although this cast-iron smoker box takes a little longer to heat up, the wait will be worth it. Once it’s hot, it will create lots of smoke for long.

Another plus for the Char-Broil is that it can withstand higher temperatures, enabling you to use it in a range of settings. It features a large, vented lid that’s designed to direct the smoke toward the food to infuse it with those aromatic wood chips.

The cast-iron material is tough and should last you a very long time if cared for properly. It keeps the wood chips from burning and cause them to smolder beautifully as smoke escapes the lid.

As with most cast-iron cookware, this smoker box should be seasoned according to the manufacturer. Seasoning is an easy process that involves coating it lightly with oil before the first use. It’s further recommended that you season it after the first few uses — seasoning cast iron will prevent it from rusting.


  • It’s very versatile and works with most grill types.
  • Helps to prevent the wood chips from burning due to the sturdy material.
  • The vented lid directs the smoke towards the food.
  • Highly durable and can withstand high heat.


  • It’s quite heavy and can be challenging to carry when it’s loaded with wood chips.
  • The structure of the lid makes it tricky to refill it once it’s in the grill.
  • Requires seasoning before the first use.

For any new smoker who wants a tough box that can last through the years, the Char-Broil is it — I mean, you can’t get any tougher than cast iron. Apart from the seasoning, it’s fairly straightforward to use and will bring a good amount of smoke directly to your food.

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Weber 7576 Universal Smoker Box

Runner Up
  • Material: Edelstahl
  • Ein Idealer ZuSatz für alle Gasgrills
  • Edelstahl
  • Farbe: Silber
  • Anzahl der Artikel: 1

If you want a smoker box that’s ready to use and easy to set up, this Weber box is for you. It features a hinged lid that makes it super easy for you to refill it when needed while it’s on the grill.

It has a higher price than others, but it’s quality that can’t be denied. Although it’s a Weber, it can easily fit a range of grill types and sizes, making it an excellent accessory for any griller looking to add a new depth of flavor to any food.

You can see a few tips from Weber on how to get the most out of the box.


  • Generously adds smoke to your grill.
  • Easy to clean. Simply empty the ash, and it’s ready for another go.
  • Hinged lid simplifies refilling chips during smoking.
  • Durable construction makes it excellent for frequent use.


  • A few users noticed that the box was prone to discoloring and warping, which caused the lid not to fit as tightly.

Weber is known for its high quality and stylish designs, and this smoker box is no different.

The unique hole arrangement allows a thick stream of smoke to infuse your food as it cooks — it’s not as heat-resistant as the Char-Broil, but it’s undoubtedly an excellent stainless steel smoker box.

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Cave Tools Smoker Box

  • Smokey Flavor: Perfect size wood smoker whether you need a large or small boxes, this bbq caddy can help get your grill the flavor it needs master your BBQ
  • Durable Metal, Easy Storage: Hinged lid makes easy access to baskets to add wood chips; stainless steel design prevents warping making it a reusable chip rack
  • Works with Both Charcoal and Gas Grills - Use the style and size of chip you need! Fits between flavorizer bars and grill grate or on top of charcoals-Not suitable for electric grills

The Cave Tools Smoker Box is one of the most durable stainless steel smoker boxes on the market with its 25 percent thicker material. Warping and discoloring are very unlikely, making it an excellent alternative to the pricier Weber above.

Like the Weber, it also features a hinged lid, which makes it a breeze to add more wood chips while smoking. It’s also a reasonable size, so it can fit more chips in one go — meaning fewer refills for you to do. The hinged lid is also easily accessible without risking a burn.

Another fun bonus is free access to a downloadable BBQ smoking and cooking journal app. Here you can browse through amazing recipes, each complete with detailed step-by-step guides.


  • Good value for money.
  • Large size can fit more wood chips.
  • Can fit a range of grill types.
  • Hole-free bottom prevents the chips from burning.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Nothing! It sounds quite hard to believe, but it’s durable, fits a lot of wood chips and works on a range of grills.

For something so affordable, you truly get a lot for your money. The extra thick stainless steel material is unlikely to warp or discolor. Furthermore, it’s a breeze to use and get started — the manufacturer even recommends that you use dry wood chips instead of soaked, so minimum prep for you.

It’s best to keep it within the proximity of the heat source, leave the gas burners on high until the box begins producing smoke. Once it’s smoking, turn it down to a regular temp.

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Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V Shape Smoker Box

  • V-shape fits between flame deflector bars on gas grills for the most intense smoke flavor
  • Sturdy stainless-steel construction withstands high grilling temps
  • Hinged lid allows for easy access to add wood chips (not included)
  • Ashes remain in smoker box, keeping your grill clean and ready to use
  • Measures 13 ¾” long

This smoker box from Charcoal Companion is specifically designed to fit in between the flavorizer bars in a gas grill. It has a unique V-shape and comes in two different sizes. It heats quickly and in turn, produces lots of smoke.

Although it was originally designed with gas grills in mind, it can also be used with different smokers and grills.

You can add any aromatic wood chips of your choice at any point during smoking, the hinged lid is easy to open even when it’s hot.

As the wood chips smoke away, the ashes will fall to the bottom of the box. Once you’re finished, simply empty it, give it a quick wipe and it’s ready for another round.


  • Two sizes are available, making it easy to find one that suits your grill.
  • Easy-access hinged lid makes refills a breeze.
  • V-shape creates a stronger build-up of smoke.
  • Easy clean up with a quick wipe.


  • Some users have reported a few signs of rust rather quickly, making us question its durability and longevity.
  • Even the largest size isn’t as grand as other boxes on the list; this could mean you’d have to refill it often.

This V-shaped design isn’t seen very often, but it’s highly effective at producing smoke and it fits perfectly in most gas grills. It’s quick to set up, and clean-up is even easier.

It’s certainly one of the best smoker boxes available right now.

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Cave Tools Pellet Tube Wood Smoker


Gas grills offer a lot of convenience to the backyard cook. They’re easy to operate, they run clean, and they sear like a champ. What they don’t do, though, is produce delicious smoke, which some people consider an essential element of true barbecuing.

With this simple and effective device, it’s easy to add real hardwood smoke flavor to your gas-grilled food. The rectangular tube is made from durable, easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel. Just fill the tube with wood pellets, the same kind used for pellet grills, and place it on the cooking grate.

Once in position, light the pellets with a BBQ lighter or torch and wait for the smoke to start curling out. Just like that, you’ve got delicious smoke for whatever you’re cooking.

The Cave Tools Pellet Tube wood smoker has enough capacity to smoke for up to 8 hours when completely full. This means you could use it in a DIY smoker or to smoke on your standard barbecue. Because it generates next to no heat, you could even try cold smoking cheese. It also works with charcoal grills as a substitute for wood chips on the coals.


  • High-quality materials
  • Works in any barbecue, even portables
  • Big enough for a multi-hour smoke session
  • Appealing price point
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • If you prefer to put it directly on the burners, not all grills will support it
  • Not as much smoke as an actual smoker

Considering Cave Tools will refund you if you’re not happy – ever – you don’t have much to lose! All you gas grillers, here’s your chance to stick it to the charcoal chefs when they tell you, “yeah, but you don’t get real barbecue taste.”

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How to Use a Smoker Box on Your Grill

Using a smoker box is relatively easy, and it’s an effective way to add some smokiness to your regular grill. Weber Grills has some great tips on how to get your smoker started:

Smoking meat isn’t a particularly long process. Cold meat takes on the most flavor and that decreases as the meat cooks, so it’s crucial to get that smoke on from the get-go.

Additionally, you don’t want to see any dark or black smoke coming from the box, it should be white or light in color.

Here are a few general steps:

  1. Place your smokebox on the grill and leave it to heat along with your barbecue.
  2. With a pair of tongs, remove the lid slowly or, if hinged, turn it away from the box. Be careful, it will be hot!
  3. Fill the box with your preferred wood chips. Depending on the manufacturer’s guidance, the wood chips may need to be soaked before use. However, we highly recommend always to use dry chips.
  4. Close the lid to the box and then the lid of the grill to allow the wood chips to begin heating.
  5. Give it a few minutes for the temperature to rise and the smoke to start. Wait until you see smoke before opening the lid.
  6. When smoke becomes visible, open the grill and place your meat or another food item on the grill as normal.
  7. Close the top to the BBQ and cook as usual until it is cooked to the correct internal temp.

Be ready to serve some mouth-watering smoky BBQ!


There you have it! Everything about smoker boxes. These simple contraptions enable you to turn your regular old grill into a full-on smoker.

Picking the right box for you and your grill is essential — consider the material and how well it can withstand the high temperatures of the grill.

We found that the best smoker box was the Char-Broil cast-iron box — it’s highly durable and will stay hot for longer, giving you more smoke.

Have you ever tried a smoker box? Do you have a favorite smoker box that wasn’t mentioned? Share your comments and experiences down below.

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