Equipment Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

Getting a good, smoked barbecue can be painstaking, as a real, quality barbecue takes hours of cooking at low temperatures.

Nevertheless, the results are nearly always worth it: brisket, pork butt, and lamb shoulder are all best served smoked. Better yet, these foods make for an excellent party buffet.

Unfortunately, getting a delicious smoked barbecue requires a good smoker, and traditionally, these smokers all use real flames and real smoke.

This can be a problem for those who live in areas that have strict fire restrictions. Worse yet, electric smokers tend to be smaller than their traditional counterparts, and so they are not always equipped to handle enough food for larger parties.

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is one such electric model that does have the capacity to cook for a large party.

It is a mid-level Char-Broil product that, with 725 square inches of cooking space, can handle much more food than other smokers in this price range.

Additionally, it has many features that help this smoker do the work for you, which can be appealing for those who will be throwing the party and want to spend more time with their guests than worrying about the barbecue itself.

Key Features of the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Integrated Thermometer Design: Smoking can be a long, tedious process that requires you to check and recheck the temperature of your smoker and the barbecue throughout the day.

On top of that, opening your smoker to check the internal temperature of the meat can sometimes cause you to lose too much of the built-up internal heat and smoke, meaning that your barbecue can lose flavor and take more time to finish.

However, this Char-Broil deluxe digital smoker is designed with an integrated thermometer that you can check without opening the door.

Remote Control: In addition to being able to monitor the internal temperature of your meat, you’ll also be able to control the other aspects of the cook with this smoker from anywhere at your party.

This remote control gives you a way to monitor the temperature and the time remaining for your cook, and it also lets you adjust the target cook time. For those who want to enjoy the party as they are cooking, this can be a great feature.

Large Smoker Box: The smoker box on this model is able to hold up to four cups of wood chips, translating to a lot more time that it can smoke on its own.

Not only does this help give you more time that you don’t have to worry directly about your smoker, it can also help you to retain the heat and smoke level inside.

This works together to help you get a better, smoker barbecue without having to put in much more effort.

Wheels: Last but not least, this smoker comes with wheels to help you move around.

While this model is electric, and therefore can be unsuitable for tailgating and camping, the wheels on this smoker can be useful for moving it from storage to your backyard for your big party.

Check out Buddy Litelime’s overview of the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker below:


  • Electric
  • Huge amount of cook space across 4 racks. Great for large events
  • Insulated walls and locking door latch make for great heat retention


  • Issues with control panel can result in smoker shutting itself off or needing to replace panel
  • Requires a lot of electricity to run and smoke users have had problems with their GCFI outlets
  • Accessories are not as high-quality as the smoker itself and make need to be replaced after a few months

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is a sturdy, stainless steel barbecue option. It weighs in at just about fifty pounds, which is less than the average smoker of this size.

Nonetheless, it features over 700 square inches of cooking space and a window on the front of the smoker to show off your barbecue as it is cooking.

The racks on the interior of the smoker are made of chrome-plated wire, and they are removable so that you can adapt the cooking space to the kinds of meat you are smoking.

This smoker is different from the other electric smokers in that it includes many high-tech features. With an integrated meat thermometer and a remote control to let you monitor the progress of the barbecue, this smoker is designed to be as hands-off as possible.

In general, this smoker is incredibly well-built.

Despite being rather light-weight, the double insulated walls help the smoker to maintain a temperature as high as 300°F. Combined with a double-sealed door and an oversized smoker box, you should not have too many reasons to open the chamber of the smoker as you are barbecuing. As expected, this smoker will rust over time, but many users have been able to keep using it for multiple years.

The only major problem with this smoker has been its control board. Many users have complained that this smoker will randomly stop heating due to faulty hardware pieces in the control board. These are easily replaceable.

Ease of Assembly

This smoker has essentially no assembly. There are only four parts that need to be put together when you receive the smoker in addition to the four grates, and they can be put together intuitively.

Nonetheless, the instruction manual is also detailed and straightforward with illustrations.

Ease of Use

Most users have had minimal difficulties while using this smoker.

It is electric, and so the temperature settings are set by turning a dial rather than kindling a flame.

From there, the smoker maintains the temperature without too many issues, but using the control panel or the remote control, you will be able to adjust these settings as well.

Quality of the Cook

This smoker produces an excellent barbecue.

Because it is well-insulated and can hold a lot of wood chips, you should have no problem getting to and maintaining your ideal smoke temperature and smoke level.

Ease of Cleanup

For the most part, this smoker is easy to clean.

All of the interior pieces are removable, and the base of the smoker is also equipped with a removable grease tray. The most difficult area of the smoker to clean is the window, which has to be thoroughly cleaned each and every time.


If you are looking for a large smoker that can feed a large crowd, this smoker may be the best option for you.

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is, altogether, an excellent value, especially if you are looking for a smoker that requires minimal work.

Above all, it has a sturdy, well-crafted body that has good insulation and can easily maintain high temperatures.

How Does it Compare?

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